By Grant Parkins

Sarah Yelton gives at talk on the LOCSS program at the 2019 Citizen Science Association Conference in Raleigh, NC.

In March, the Citizen Science Association held their conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.  More than 800 attendees from 28 countries attended to learn about the latest in the field of Citizen Science.  LOCSS team members Sarah Yelton, Sarina Little, and Grant Parkins were in attendance to take part in some of the 350 talks, workshops, symposia, and posters.  Additionally, Sarah and Grant presented on the LOCSS project for roughly 40 attendees.  The talk, titled Engaging Citizen Scientists to Monitor Water Storage in Lakes, focused on the continued growth of the network of citizen scientists who report lake height measurements for the LOCSS program.  Attendees also heard about our findings that citizen scientists can provide accurate lake height data as well as what we have learned about the citizen scientists who participate.

The Citizen Science Association is an organization that seeks to bring together practitioners in the field of citizen science to share resources and best practices. They hold their conference every two years.


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