Lake Wenatchee, in Chelan County Washington is a LOCSS study lake.

By Grant Parkins

In September, the LOCSS team travelled west to install lake gauges and begin studying lakes in the state of Washington.¬† We’ve partnered with Washington State Parks, Snohomish and King Counties, the cities of Sammamish and Kirkland, as well as private landowners to begin studying 12 lakes in western Washington.

We are interested in finding out how changes in the volume of water in these lakes relate to one another  and whether those changes occur on a local or regional scale.  Eventually, we hope to study at least 20 lakes in the state of Washington, and we are hoping to to expand to the eastern part of the state as well.

Lake height data for these lakes is already being reported, and can be found on our View Lake Data page. If you live near one of these lakes, you can help us better understand these lakes by becoming a citizen scientist.

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